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Beautiful and Beloved


We love all our animals at Austral Haven Cavoodles, but Muffin is one of the most gentle, sweet and caring mumma. This girl abseloutly loves her daddy and not just because he feeds her but they have a special bond adventuring our property together.As soon as Ash gets home she lights up and the tail gets wagging awaiting his snuggles.Our gorgeous girl Muffin had her very first litter April 4th 2022 and has been the best mumma to her Babies, they really do mirror her nature.



We love all our animals at Austral Haven Cavoodles, but Pippa is one of the most clever dogs we have. From climbing the kids fort to going down the side, being able to open gates and climb her way over any obstacle.After a long day at work she greets us all with her loving kisses and cuddles and loves every second if it, as do we.Pippa is fantastic with our kids and such a good mumma to her babies. Pippa had her first littler 12th of January 2022 and they are being spoilt rotten in their loving new families.

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